TANLINES (An Anatomy)

Ongoing Exhibition:

11am to 8pm daily
24 Oct – Nov 8 2015
Galeris Nila & Utama @ The Foothills at Fort Canning Park
(opposite Liang Court)
Hosted by Noise Singapore


Prints on display are sponsored by
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In this photography display at Fort Canning Park, viewers are encouraged to peel off the stickers that have been affixed onto selected photo prints, just like how we sometimes shed skin after intentional, or unintentional tanning.

But the act of Becoming sometimes, is not just about a process of adding on (getting tanned), but is also a journey of coming to terms with subtracting from a being (peeling skin). Then, re-growth. Tanlines are sometimes public and ostentatious, as well as personal; intimate.

Instructions To Take Part In The Post-Tanning Specimen Process:

1) Start peelin’ off from these two-dimensional body parts.
2) Before you leave this installation, how about pasting them onto your own skins?
3) Hashtag your art to #TanlineStories.

There were about 50 sets of tanlines photographed over a period of 2014 – 2015; where 12 are currently on display at the Gallery.

Have a quirky tanline? Please contact me for a shoot already!


Please note that the ‘Before’ photographs are a simulation and artist impression.
More photographs will be added shortly, please check back.



Tanlines intrigue. Almost akin to being another definition of a social fabric. They are an understatement of a person’s identity and circumstances. Put together, what will we picture and find out about a society?

Beauty beyond skin deep, photos of different skins in this context reveal more about this different kind of anatomy. Looking at the texture of skin (old or young) and skin condition (freckled or baby skin), the viewer is invited to explore on the identity and circumstances of the proposed subject, be it playing on stereotypes or not.

Quite often, we crave for tanlines due to reasons of trendy aesthetics or vanity, always chasing sunshine, getting a tan out on the beach.

Yet, tanlines are a job hazard. They bear testament to certain occupations that require working under the sun. These occur not out of personal choice, but out of occupation requirement.

Another instance where tanlines are ‘part of the deal’ comes when passion is the culprit. People who love soccer, windsurfing, or simply holidaying or trekking under the sun will get those tanlines at different body parts as souvenir.

Like how I discovered many took their tanlines for granted whilst pursuing these photos from strangers and friends, let’s see where these tanline stories will lead us to.

There were about 50 sets of tanlines photographed over a period of 2014 – 2015; where 12 are currently on display at the Gallery.



Zinkie Aw